We are a group of entrepreneurs with sound and ample international experience in perfumes and fragrances, obtained in top management positions in major companies that are world leaders in this industry

Our multidisciplinary expertise allows us to identify business opportunities for our clients, presenting them with rapid and effective solutions together with prompt deliveries.


We supply fragrances for products in the segments of fine fragrances and personal care as well as for fabric and home care, focusing on meeting the perfumation needs of our clients´ products, providing them innovative, applicable and effective solutions and advice, supported by a multidisciplinary group of professionals and experts with vast experience in the field.


Be renowned in the market for the excellent quality of our fragrances and for providing the best professional, technical and logistics service, thus being able to increase our presence through the success of our clients´ products.




-We develop our activities based on these four pillars:

  • Innovation
  • Professional excellence and commitment to team work
  • Closeness to clients and consumers
  • Speed in time to market

-We aim to provide our collaborators a comfortable work environment that fosters professional growth and where they can develop and apply their talents to benefit themselves, the company and society.

-We strictly comply with all applicable legal and fiscal regulations as well as those that specifically apply to the fragrance industry.

-We abide by these values to achieve our objectives.